Welcome to BcGraffiti.com. A place for artists and enthusiasts to share and talk about all things Graffiti.  Having lived on the west coast of British Columbia for the majority of my life one can't avoid seeing the variety of stunning graffiti these west coast cities have to offer. A simple walk to the corner store will yield a bounty of eye catching street art.  These momentary pockets of expression doomed to be painted over the next morning by angry store clerks. Long past are the days of graffiti being solely used for gang purposes, the movement has developed into a culture and never ending art form.

This website was started in hopes of capturing some of this momentary art, before it disappears never to be seen again. The majority of the graffiti found in the gallery will be from Victoria and Vancouver but if you have any photos of some amazing graffiti you've photographed in British Columbia, don't hesitate to contact me.



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